At Coplin Piano Service, it is our continuing goal to provide everything your piano will ever need. Complete piano service entails three separate but interrelated areas: tuning, touch, and tone.

  • Tuning is adjustment of the tension of each string to put them in a harmonious relation to each of the others.
  • Touch adjustment, called regulation, provides evenness, speed and power of the keys and action controlling the feel.
  • Tone regulation, or voicing, is primarily done by softening or hardening of the hammer felts for the best sound from the piano in its particular setting. All this is done on site.

Coplin Piano Service is a full service family business employing Mom and Dad, sons and daughters in our rebuilding shop. Some of our work includes:

  • sound board repair
  • pin block replacement
  • hammer and action replacement
  • restringing of grands and verticals
  • much more